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various, Monastery of Chant 2 CDs, Warners 'The essential guide to classical chillout' is how this is billed, which is how come I've ended up in the pop/dance section as well as the classics (Ed: or instead of!) Well, let's face it, marketing can be confusing. The picture on the back cover of a robed, hooded figure with a big (enormous!) red cross, reclining with bare feet on a couch looking at the CD cover, is fairly hilarious. The music? It's actually very nice. The styles span early Gregorian chant through Palestrina type harmonies to things with electronic backing. There is a lot of voice, of course, and the performances are well done (yes, there is a fair bit of 'big hall' reverb but that's to be expected). A lot of the pieces are by modern composers and if you're looking for information on what to follow up if you like some of it, you're totally out of luck other than to just ask for Monastery II, The Re-awakening ... just kidding. Will this chill your hyper little soul out? It might. (Count K)

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