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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nocturama LP, Mute I wonder if Nick Cave started out as an outsider or whether he became one through his music and living in places like London and Berlin... far from his native Melbourne, Australia. In any case we can be glad he walks his own walk and goes his own way. Nocturama is certainly recognisably Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (actually judging by our interview with Jim Sclavunos, they should be called the Good Seeds - but that has little romance to it). There are some sparce piano and voice ballads that are haunting and quite beautiful. And then there are rockier things as in the wonderful Bring It On which has Chris Bailey on guest vocals. Remember Chris? He was the frontman for the great punk nihilists, The Saints. And to finish off there's a rollicking fourteen minute long number that suggests a little of the anarchic decadence of the Birthday Party. Nick Cave continues to search for life out of the sun. (thunderfinger)


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