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Queenadreena, Drink Me album, Rough Trade The last indy sort of thing I really got enthused about were Queenadreena label mates, Moldy Peaches. Since then people have told me that I really shouldn't be - that it was all a bit ... unskilled and noisy. I'm unrepentant. This is the place you go when you want the spirit of rock and roll as I always understood it. It's rude. It's loud. It's got distorted guitars, fire, passion, and loads of sex. Sometimes it even has humour as well. Queenadreena has all of that stuff including a chanteuse who shows her nipples in the promo photos (that's one part of the sex bit - the other part is her voice). The already reviewed single Pretty Like Drugs is a killer track to start off with. There is light and shade in the rest of the album with the lead singer sometimes soothing and sometimes having a tantrum... sometimes in the same song. (thunderfinger) Queenadreena, Pretty Like Drugs 2 track single, Rough Trade Yup, I love this one. Some guitar grind, a big beat with some industry in it. And all that mixed with a sexy female voice. There's art here ... and noise. 'Formed out of the ashes of Daisy Chainsaw at the tail end of the last millennium, Queen Adreena first came to the public's attention with the album Taxidermy in 2000, with Kerrang! pronouncing it, "ferocious, compelling, uncompromising and stellar" whilst the N.M.E eulogised about their, "ability to walk the tightrope between serrated guitar madness and genuinely beautiful, barely-there minimalism".' (thunderfinger)

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