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S.I.Futures, The Mission Statement
album, Novamute, Nomu85CD
I'm sure my departed for Boston aquaintance Monk would have put four stars
on this CD in the shop in Greenwich. 
The blurb says 'S.I. Futures is Novamute's latest signing. We Are Not A Rock 
Band is released on August 20th.

The track is a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming album The Mission 
Statement, set for release on September 3.

During the track Begg goads the hackneyed world of rock posturing with the claim 
that S.I. Futures know how to rock harder and longer than your average 
poodle-permed bunch of guitar slingers.

Incredibly prolific over the last few years, Begg has an almost unequalled body 
of work. He's recorded for the likes of Tresor, Language, Trope and Ninja 
offshoot N-Tone under a list of guises including Invetech, Bigfoot, Cabbage 
Boy and Buckfunk 3000.'

What that doesn't tell you is that The Mission statement is a fine piece of
trippy electro stuff.
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