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Squarepusher, do you know Squarepusher 2 CDs, Warp 'Squarepusher will release his new 'do you know squarepusher' album on 30th September 2002. This album follows up the mind boggling 'Go Plastic' album and 'Red Hot Car' track. The lead track on this album is a huge twisted drum n bass stormer that was released as a limited one sided 12" in late 2001. NME said it "made everything else seem shit." Squarepusher then leads us through mind splintering musique concrete style sound manipulation, new styles and a mammoth jungle rinse out. The album culminates with a must-hear cover version of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". This CD package also features an exclusive live recording from Fuji Festival, Japan in 2001. For those who have not witnessed Squarepusher's rare live shows, this is a must!' That's the promo and it's interesting that with this sort of music, where there are no particular rules, some things just stand out as being interesting and others, well, boring. That's personal to some extent but it if I were going to make a list, it would include things like ... some harmonic accessability, rythmn and lots and lots of dynamic changes. Just do those things by themselves and you would have a nice mess but add some good taste in orchestration and you have good stuff. There's lots of that on these CDs. And ... Joy Division! I still have the t-shirt somewhere. (thunderfinger)

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