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Tricky, Blowkcab, oh alright Blowback
Album, Anti- 6596-2

This is supposed to be a more commercial offering from Tricky
but it still seems inventive and interesting to me so a bit
of a relief there - not that anybody was expecting boy band
pop trash (there's a place in the world for most everything).

He's got some unexpected guests too - Allison Morisette and
Cyndi Lauper for two. Others include Chili Peppers, Anthony
Keidis and Flea together with John Frusciante, Ed Kowalczyk,
and Hawkman.

The album? Textured, sometimes dark, some nice sculptures, some
light moments - whether you think it's genius or not will 
depend on your own resonance I guess (sorry). For me it was
short of that but I liked some of the songs a lot including
the hypnotic Tricky/Lauper number Five Days. Nice packaging
too with photos by Corbjn although all that smoke being blown
around will get on some people's nerves.

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