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Vanity Set album, Mute

Jim Sclavunos has quite a list of alt-affiliations: Teenage Jesus, Jerks, 8-eyed spy, Panther Burns, Congo Norvell, Cramps, NoWave, Lydia Lunch, Gun Club, Sonic Youth, Gunga Din, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and now Vanity Set.

Billed as a 'psychotropic vision from the underworld' it is in fact way more refreshing than that makes it sound. It has humour, variety, and in the sparcity, an honesty that's lacking in the music world in general - no matter what the genre.

"It's a pretty eclectic record," states Sclavunos. "That was the intention when I was making it, not to be stuck in any particular style. That's why I did it on my own, rather than with a record label. That's why I recorded it over a long period of time with a dozens of different people rather than having a set band. It didn't just happen that way by accident."

It doesn't sound like an accident for sure. The textures have been laid out with obvious care - not just the instruments but the tunings and timings. Good stuff. (thunderfinger)

Watch out for our upcoming interview with Jim Sclavunos.

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