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various, Rough Trade Shops best of 2003
2 CD's, Mute Unless you're very in the know and get out a lot, you won't have heard of too many of the groups on these two CD's. That's the idea. The staff at Rough Trade Shops (which, as you guessed, is different from the Rough Trade label) have made a selection of their favourites and split them into two categories. On CD 1 are the more contemplative, less rocky, even minimal pieces and on the other they've put the more violent things. One joy of something like this is that it's like the anti Pop Idol - people serving up their ideas because they must, and because they believe in them rather than an upside down marketing chicanery world. Well, some would love money and success but let's work on a vision first, please! Some sample names from the first CD are: John Fahey, Cody ChestnuTT, Seelenluft, The Concretes, Blanche, (The Real) Tuesday Weld. On the second, some more samples are: Kinski, Les Georges Leningrad, The Kills, Fat Truckers, Peaches, White Trash, and Selfish Cunt. Just yesterday, I heard someone being inspired by what they described in general terms as the absolute nothingness of the Selfish one above. They were about to head out into the world with a guitar to make it safe again. Some of these acts might do that to you. That's good in my book. (thunderfinger)


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