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3anon continued ...

Linux will probably be OK soon. Right now it's not. There are some very good tools but not a complete tool set. This is changing very quickly though. The biggest thing is that a Linux new user has to discover a lot of information and then implement it. Your idea of a special Linux music distribution should solve that problem. [editor's note: A music distribution is just in the idea stage right now. Before it happens several key pieces of software need to be further developed. It probably won't happen before 2000.]

What is techno? Some people will say if they hear people banging on steel with pipes that it's industrial. If it's sampled they'll call it techno. That's stupid as it describes the process rather than the music itself. For me techno is music with obviously machine made or altered textures. Under that are two million and three sub-genres where you can start to get really picky (and have some good arguments with your friends). You can also have fun making up your own sub-genres.

One thing that's nice about techno is that I can see myself with grey hair still making it. The key thing is that I'm not now, and won't be expected then, to get up in front of people and wiggle my ass (arse for the Brits). That can be a problem if you play something like electric guitar - the system of distribution and promotion is completely different.

How to get started? Get your set up together. Make some music! At this point if you have any self-critical facilities you may decide that the world is better off without your stuff. If you enjoy doing it don't give up. If you don't, do! The next step is to get it played somewhere. You can put it up on the web of course but without publicity no-one's going to find it. You can, at least, link off something like Local radio and clubs are good. If you have a local station or club that plays the sort of thing you make then you'll generally find them really receptive. If you're breaking new ground then it's going to be harder. You'll be classified as "art" (or "wank" - don't let that bother you) and you'll just have to try harder and range further afield geographically.

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