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Telepathe are a female duo from Brooklyn who describe themselves as 'club/club'. They mingle voice and electronics to create beaty soundscapes which can say a lot more than 'club' if you want it to. They have a new album out on 14 April 2009. Myspace page

Reading through the stuff that's around it seems that you first were involved with some bands that were more into the live jamming thing and then you caught a technology bug. Is that one of those grain-of-truth gross distortion stories?!

That's true. We started using a computer and realized that we could program drums, sequence, and arrange all of our ideas. This quickly became much more challenging to us than jamming with instruments, and our music became much more detailed.

People that write things are often overly anxious to fit artists into little genre boxes ... or pieces of them! In your case, there's been talk of Hip-Hop, Dance, New Age. On your myspace page you say "club/ club" which is more like a statement of who might enjoy it. What do you think about genre-thinking??

Genres seem to be disappearing. There aren't really cohesive scenes based around particular genres of music anymore. People are used to talking about music in terms of genres, and I think it's hard for people to categorize us since we take from so many different genres that we love and put them into our music.

From afar it's hard to tell whether Brooklyn is still a powerhouse melting pot of the arts or whether what we're seeing now is people climbing into visibility from some sort of Brooklyn of the recent past. What do you think?

This is true to some extent. Some bands are climbing into visibility under the label of being a Brooklyn band. It's a hard question to answer because so many bands move here from all over the country, the scene feels over saturated.

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You're reported as using Logic to set things up and then Ableton for actual performance along with live instruments such as guitar. What do you like about the two programs that separates them like that?

We like Logic as a compositional tool, it's easy for us to combine Logic software synths and drums with live instruments that we've recorded in. Ableton is great for live performance, we bounce all of our Logic sounds and import them into Ableton's session view and use it as a sampler. It allows us to drop our sounds in and out easily during live performance.

There has been some talk of feminism in connection with Telepathe. Do you think there's any message in the music that speaks to that or is just the reality of you two doing it the statement?

Yes the reality of us making music is the statement.

Are there people you particularly admire from the musical past and present? who??

Kate Bush, John Carpenter, MIA.

Any notable changes from the EP?

The Chrome's On It EP shows the new direction we took after making our first couple of EP's. The songs show a pop influence and are more structured than our earlier recordings. Our album songs take this pop influence even further.

For most of February you're playing around NY state, and then in March you're off to SXSW in Austin. Any plans for the summer? A return to Europe?

We'll probably have more shows in Europe this summer and will go live in Berlin for a couple of months.


photo by Andreas Laszlo Konrath

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