White labels and you ... what is a white label? If you go into a dance music shop and look at the vinyl you'll see that some of them have plain white labels. They've been issued independantly either by small record companies or by individuals. So here we have the independant spirit of music in spades. Sure, there are some of the big four involved in the sort of genres you might find but usually only following hard commercial trends.
Here, we have a chat with Steve Mitchell of Independance at 55 Lee High Rd in South London about how and what you should do if you think you have a good tune ready for vinyl.


Who's good for pressing in the London area?  
Transition is good. JCS is another presser. Cost will be about UK750 for 500 pressings.
Tape to Tape is good. Take a DAT tape. It'll cost UK130 to 160. You can sit in if you want.  


How would you get them to shops? 2 The second is to do the pressings yourself and then take to the distributors. You'll have more control of the end result that way.

three ways ... first is to take to Distributors for a P and D deal (publishing and distribution) right from

the start.

3 The third is to do it all yourself and visit all the shops. Be carefull at this point as shops will normally only do 'sale or return' so you can get the idea you've sold lots (they're in shops), do another pressing and find you get most back.


what about publicity? some people use pirate radio. It costs about UK100.
How do you find who and where they are? You have to talk to people! SAS mag is also good for Garage or House.


What are the genres of the moment in this part of town? Garage, break beat, funky house, some hard house, some trance/progressive.
Trip Hop? No, Swag in Croydon do that .. tech house, weird stuff.


Some other thoughts...
Once you've got a mix, go around some record stores and ask their opinion before you get carried away with pressings.


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