Rachel Oxley tells us about her installation that combines radio signals, alters them with Max, and then webcasts the sounds. Article

The London-based artist and performer Janek Schaefer was voted Sound Designer of the Year 1999 by London's Creative Review magazine. His work explores the nature of sound, from his installations and sound collages such as "Recorded Delivery" to the "Concréte ruffian style" [The Wire, 1998] ... Here's our interview just before the start of the US and Canada tour in 2000.

   Peter Wells is tutor of recorder at the Queen's University of Belfast, the
   University of Ulster, and Maynooth College of the National University of
   Ireland. He specialises in the performance of contemporary music.
   The Recorder in Contemporary Irish Music: Crow


Tobiah recently wrote to the SAOL users list about the joys of using SAOL. We
thought it would be interesting to talk to him about SAOL, CSound and making
music in general. Tobiah lives on the California coast, North of LA.
Here's the chat.

Andrew Bulhack has done some interesting work with tclmidi 
in creating dance/trance type music. In this way of working 
the music isn't exactly specified and the computer makes 
some decisions about what to do.
Here he talks about how he did it. 
Miriam Rainsford and John Littler put an 
installation up at a computer music conference
at Goldsmith's College, U of London. It used
X10 sensors to trigger sound and video.
The .h project. 

Miriam Rainsford recently helped adjudicate a contest.
Here she has some thoughts on Electroaccoustic Issues

Ned Bouhalassa is a composer specialising in a unique combination of acousmatic and techno. He also works in film and dance. Interview

Jfm3 is a sound designer and plays loft parties in NYC using peizos, pd, and Linux. More talking. Interview

sylvi macCormac is a folksinger and electroaccoustic composer with poetry in her veins. Interview

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