bleepfest 06 !

Oh darn, you missed it!! Next one Mar or Apr 07 possibly in Berlin. And it is on! see here for more info.

What: Computer and electronic music demo day

When: next one Oct 7, 06

Where: London! The ICA in The Mall

Who: musicians, bedroom or serious, boppers, thinkers, listeners

Music Genres: unlimited!

Doors open to the Bleepfest 2pm - ends at 6.30pm
DJ in the bar from 7pm - midnight
Set up for theatre - 7pm - 8pm
Doors open 8pm - gig ends 10pm

ticket prices
Afternoon only: 5.50, 4.50 concessions, 3.50 ICA Members
Evening only: 8.50, 7.50 concessions, 6.50 ICA Members
All day: 10.50, 9.50 concessions, 8.50 ICA Members
bookings: 020 7930 3647 between 12 noon and 9PM daily

Running list is
contact us

Bleepfest 06.2 computer music demo day for all bring your laptop take partlearn something have fun

the list as at 25 Sep 06:
we are full. contact us for next year though.

black mariah
deborah (Flying Lizards)
fisk industries
jack shirt
joseph young
julian hughes
kid functional
l.o. freq
pablo perezzarate
polyphonic soulo
robot bleeping
sleep machine
stone 3

Bleepfest 06.2 will be a part-day and night event that will be like the Demos of old and where people can have the option to display what they're doing "off stage" to small groups around them or to plug into the PA and be an "event".

The object is to attract people who like to play with music as well as people who are quite serious about it. The object is also to create a fun and friendly environment where people can wander around and get new ideas.

For the Audience: We have a super-great lineup which highlights many different aspects of electronic music today. It goes all the way from pure bleepiness, through mini-soundscapes, to carefully crafted electro-pop. The artists range from people who have played little in the public eye to full-on professionals who include an ex-cult band member along with a well-known figure from the pop past. In the bar area, during the day, we will be featuring ambient music sets and in the evening we have DJ's in the bar from 7PM and there will be a variety of music there as well.

And here's a promo page at

For a blow by blow account plus some short promo videos of the first Bleepfest held in March this year, you can look here.

The event is Operating System Agnostic! bring along your Linux Box, Mac, or Windows machine, or PDA ... or old Atari or Spectrum even!

Musicians: Contact us using the contact page if you'd like to attend as a musician. There is a page here related to musicians at Bleepfest.

News as it breaks:
9 Oct - Oh gee, it was a really nice day again and as Kid Functional predicted, "epic". Huge thanks to all who appeared and especially huge thanks to Deprogram who came all the way from Sydney and were held captive at the airport by immigration people on their entry. Somehow they kept their patience and were let in some five hours later. Buy their CD's!! Special thanks too, to working bands who chose to appear at Bleepfest such as Black Mariah, Curfew, LO freq, Stone 3 and others. And then there were quite a few people who aren't that used to performing and who overcame more than a few anxiety problems to appear on the day. Thank you! ... and thanks too to Fe_bac and Pablo who filled in at the last minute for our two afternoon noshows and definitely not forgetting the people who kept the bar hummimg all day long and until 1AM, Slow Sound, Tim Squier and Pablo. Also big thanks to the ICA for having us. Cheers!
7 Sep - We've been somewhat overwhelmed by requests to play at Bleepfest and have created a new ambient segment in the bar and, thanks to Lee the sound manager at the ICA, we've been able to create a couple of extra short spots in the afternoon. The new slots are all full.
5 Sep - Our artist time slots are now completely full. You can go on a reserve list if you want.
2 Sep - very few time slots left
1 Sep - Donato Wharton! Your email doesn't work. Please contact us again!
30 August - And a third promo video clip. What does it mean? Er, well...
Quicktime mov ~2 Meg
Video iPod Version (m4v file)

1 August - Second vid! Starring Logan Davidson-Bester age 1.
Quicktime mov ~2 Meg
Video iPod Version (m4v file)

25 July - First Video promo! Deprogram's What's the Story.
Quicktime mov file ~7.8 Meg
and also a Video iPod version m4v file ~16.5 Meg

4 July - A poster is here

some Bleepfest Friends:

Highpointlowlife Records !