bleepfest 06 !

What: Computer and electronic music demo day

When: March 25th -- next one Sept or Oct 06 or?!

Where: London! Christchurch Spitalfields Crypt, next one in West End

Who: musicians, bedroom or serious, boppers, thinkers, listeners

Music Genres: unlimited!

The 25 March event turned out really nicely. We had almost non-stop playing from 6PM through to 10PM and inventive and interesting stuff it all was and with a nice atmosphere as well. The crypt was a great venue and we hope to be back there again. Big thanks to all at Christ Church Spitalfields, especially the man of the night, Reg.

The next event (bleepfest 06.2) will most likely be held in Sept or Oct 06 at an art gallery or something similar near Green Park tube. Watch this space for more details!

Bleepfest 06 computer music demo day for all bring your laptop take partlearn something have fun

likely list 6 March:
fisk industries
man like me
robot bleeping
question mark
stone 3
xerces pilot
There will be more!

Bleepfest 06 will be a part-day and night event that will be like the Demos of old and where people can have the option to display what they're doing "off stage" to small groups around them or to plug into the PA and be an "event". Events will have time spaces between them so that everybody else isn't drowned out.

The object is to attract people who like to play with music as well as people who are quite serious about it. The object is also to create a fun and friendly environment where people can wander around and get new ideas.

The event is Operating System Agnostic! bring along your Linux Box, Mac, or Windows machine, or PDA ... or old Atari or Spectrum even!

Contact us using the contact page if you'd like to be a volunteer helper, attend as a musician, or both. You don't actually need to do this but if you'd like to have PA time it would be helpful.

News as it breaks:

27 March 06 .. It was a nice time. Now we're putting together the next one! One comment -- there was not one Linux musician in the lineup on the 25th. It was almost wholly a Mac affair. I don't know the reason for this but I suspect that it's self- censorship. Please don't assume that if your pd patches (or whatever) are not interesting intellectually that they won't be interesting musically!

8 March 06 .. We're in the home stretch now and aside of last minute niggles, the arrangements are pretty well all made. We've got quite a few musicians who are "officially" coming and are going to plug into the PA and we hope there are more who haven't announced themselves that will be there more casually. There will also be various industry people coming along. Here's hoping for a great day!

7 Jan 06 .. Happy New Year! and here's yet another promo clip.

14 Dec 05 .. Here's another promo clip. Collect them all!

12 Dec 05 .. The list is growing of musicians who say they will come along. We also look like we have a VJ (the author of Lives), and we have sourced a PA. After a day at Openlab's Openday (thanks Anton, Ollie, and everyone else) we used some low-fi video gathered on a Nokia N90 to make a promo clip. There will be a few more but this is the first.

25 Nov 05 .. The date and booking is now confirmed: 25 March 5PM to 10 PM. There is already a number of people lining up to be there to show offf their musical wares. So don't be shy -- join us!

24 Oct 05 .. we're searching around for musicians at the mo and also looking for some sponsorships.

Promo Video Clips

These are Quicktime mov files, 1.6, 2, and 2.1 Meg

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