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P i c t u r e s

Pictures of Elvis Presley

I n t e r v i e w s and p o d c a s t s

Tearist .. exquisite Dark Wave from LA Interview and Podcast
Vivian Girls .. harmony Punk .. Interview and Podcast
Too Young To Love .. Italian Electro .. Interview
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart Interview and podcast
Atarah Valentine makes "dark chamber pop". Interview and podcast
Small has a new album out in the US and Canada. Interview
Danielle Steel has a Visconti-produced album just out. Podcast
Vqee is making an album in Copenhagen Interview and podcast
Jessie Evans: artpunk and onwards Interview
Small Sins are a Toronto band Interview
Phoenix and the Turtle are from the LA region and make inventive music
Rosie Oddie and her band have been charming a lot of people lately including us
The Autons give us a track called Ice Major Podcast
Cult band Clinic has been doing their thing for ten years. We talk
Ben Mono is a DJ into Bit-Hop who's Sonar 07 bound Podcast: music and talk
How often do you see the sound guy getting interviewed? John MacCormack has been around
The first in our new series on small labels ... Great Hare Records, UK and Hypnote Recording Concern
Kid Functional massages Ableton Live as well as some Linux apps
Galka Mahkina is a university lecturer in the Crimea who plays out
Marko Nyberg from Husky Rescue plays and talks Podcast
Ellen Allien is a Berlin DJ Interview
Billy from The Subways talks about big guitar and love and harmony
Moocha talks to us about her ethereal electro-backed music
Daniel Smith talks about Danielson and his "faith music".
A chat with Olaf from Swedish electronic duo The Knife
Alan from Low chats Background and Podcast
Ian Gillan from Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and a bunch of others, has a few words
Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh gives us Pictures anda Podcast
Fujiya and Miyagiexplain some things
Man Like Me are a club duo doing inventive synth pop
Electronic Musicians Bleepfest Interviews
David James Herbert Edinburgh singer/songwriter
Richie Hawtin What's a DJ? What's coming?
Melnyk his background and new release
Martin Anderson starting a classical label
Hush the Many present anti-rock
Crazy Girl Retro-rocker animates some X
Deprogram Aussie Electro with a Triffid
Keane Double Brit Award winning band chat with us
Chris Cunningham Aphex Twin clip becomes DVD
Marko Nyberg a talk with Husky Rescue
Emetrex riff-laden indy goodness
Niall Holohan a singer/songwriter's Ireland
Constance does the lights
the Mutts do some shred
Gravenhurst guitar things from Bristol, UK
Juana Molina singer/songwriter from Argentina
Marillion veterans hit the top 40
The Analog Girl laptop chanteuse from Singapore
MuM we chat to Kristin
Phillipe Dubreuille guitar maker to the famous
Miss Kittin techno, electro, leftfield DJ
Gilles Peterson the DJ talks
Gerald Wenzel talks to 4 computer musicians in NYC
Chris Clark computer music guy from Warp Records
Boom Boom Satellites Tokyo electronics and guitar rock out
The Delays Britpop is still alive
Dave Angel tech-funk DJ and producer
Koobla a Soho record shop talks
Queenadreena the poetry of big guitar
Romislokus Russian prog-rock talks
Hoover Pitmann a working London guitar band
Captain Crunch the famous ex-hacker likes techno
Blue Light Fever the road beyond sometimes leads elsewhere
Jim Sclavunos from The Vanity Set and Nick Cave
The Flying Lizards there is life after pop
DJ Phantam a 15yo DJ
Neil Collier recording in churchs
DJ Tom Baker techno and tech-house DJ

X p e r i m e n t s

Rachel Oxley Max wrecked webradio
Clint Small interuption is the music
Janek Schaefer sound designer
Peter Wells modern recorder
Tobiah SAOL and his music
Andrew Bulhack tclmid
Various X10 music - an installation
Electroaccoustic music issues
Ned Bouhalassa acousmatician ... and ...
Sylvi MacCormack folk singer and electro acoustic composer
Ivica Ico Bukvic MIDI and art music

G u i d e s

Podcasts! - actual music ... sometimes
Commentary and Reviews .. pop/dance, classical
white labels
notation with linux
net music publishing
guide to sound fonts
make MIDI instruments
make stagefright go away
early music
prog rock

R e p o r t s

Worldtronics09 from Berlin Images and text
Michael Powell brings us up to date on Seattle after Grunge Report
Henning Kuepper visits Leipzig's alternative music fair, Pop-Up

M a k i n' i t
and T e c h

See the software section for reviews of commercial music software and developer interviews.
Brian Redfern talks about Realtime Csound
Ableton Live's Dom Wilms talks to us about aspects of Ableton Live 6
Simon Eadon: classical engineer Chats at Air London
Ian Stonehouse an academic studio head talks
Gerard Van Dongen electronic music in the Netherlands
Iain Duncan techno with csound, part 2
Kai Vehmanen ecasound developer talks
J-D Pauget groovit
Brian Redfern Drum n Bass in LA

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