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The America's Cup has a history of interesting people Report and Images

Copenhagen feature: Sex is Wonderful!

Longboard skateboarding! a shop visit

Michael Powell relects on the election of President Obama.

Software: Luke Stanley is the CEO of a startup called Thoughttrail, which seeks to extend the browsing experience with intelligent parsing and thoughts of the Semantic Web. Interview

Politics: Michael Powell wonders whether the current US election is like the one of '92. Opinion

Sport/Recreation - Naomi Grigg is a champion inline skater Interview

Radio? Internet radio? Internet drama radio?? Report

Our 10th birthday and it's very much about people Article

Deborah Evans-Stickland was once a part of the Flying Lizards. These days she's involved in arts programmes for the disabled and voiceover work. Interview

A different view of Global Warming - but is there science there? Article

Libertarian Commies unite! Combining aspects of opposites creates new political ground and isn't uncommon. Article

Michael Powell suggests that the right wing aren't all stooges Article

Eric Nuzum has a detailed look at censorship in the USA after 9/11. Article

Bruce Schneier has a look at ID cards Article

Our look at ethical shopping Report

Lincoln Karim helped save a hawk's nest perched on an apartment block in NYC's Fifth avenue. He took a lot of heat from the tabloids as well. Interview

As part of a listkeepers survey we talked to correspondent Declan McCullagh about a few things, including Ayn Rand Interview

An excerpt from the Mezonic Agenda, an entertaining fiction piece with crypto and security themes Book excerpt

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