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Lasrollen Skateboard Shop

Mstation is always highly pleased when we come across the sort of smaller specialist shop where the people actually know their products and can give quite sophisticated advice on what you need and maybe where you need to go to do your thing.

One such we came across recently is Lassrollen in Berlin's Freidrickshain, at 42 gruenberger strasse (they speak English as well otherwise this story wouldn't be here). For a start, Tom, the owner, gave us a run-through of the various kinds of wheels available and their uses and then some yarns to do with the bigger downhill skateboards. They also have skate around nights every Wednesday - feel free to come along with inline skates as well, or weird bikes.

Tom is a Berliner who was living in Switzerland for a while. While there, he was into snowboarding and mountain biking and also picked up on Longboard skateboards. Back in Berlin there are no mountains handy and the ocean is a fair way away as well - and even further if you're looking for decent waves.

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When he got back he was working in a snowboard shop and while he was there he arranged picked up the agency for a Swiss longboard company but selling them proved difficult as the boards are expensive and the mainly kids shops didn't want to stock them.

Fast forward to 2009 and now Tom has the only specialist longboard shop in Germany. For him these boards are his snowboarding for the city. Longboards, he says, are for cruising at the basic level and can go up to death-defying decents of big hills if that's what you want. Or some slaloms for something in the middle.

They could be pretty nice on the long coastal paths on the Baltic coast too.

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