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Too Young To Love are an Italian quartet that are inspired by big themes and make big, rich sounds with their combination of synths, drums, kettle drums, and vocals. They are headed to London as we speak ...

You're drawing on some quite big themes and making some rich sounds. How do you work these out amongst yourselves ... as a group, or do you have one or two people do this more than others?

We basically do it as a group. We don't live in the same city, we are kind of far from each others. So it's a matter of distance. We write separately sometimes and then we compare the different ideas but in general we prefer doing it all together.

Your lineup includes drums and kettledrums, as well as guitar and multiple keyboards. How did the lineup come about?

Our lineup changes usually. We all play different instruments so we swap roles on the stage. The set has basically an ethnic approach on the percussion part, so there's a drums playing together with other percussive elements.

You're from Italy and are playing a couple of London dates at the end of October and beginning of November. Have you played in London before?

No, these are our first gigs there. We visited London several times but never played there before.

Are you part of any kind of scene in Italy?

There's a new wave in the underground scene over here, interesting bands and music. People abroad began to notice it, especially in the UK. To mention some Dance for Burgess, Death in Plains, Soviet Soviet. We are all friends.

How would you describe the electronic music scene in Italy generally?

The main electronic scene here is led by Bloody Beetroots and Crookers, both recently signed to Emi music publishing.

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Any one we should know about?

As mentioned, there are some interesting bands growing up here: Dance for Burgess, Death in Plains, General Decay, Soviet Soviet, Scarlets.

You have just finished, I think, your deput EP on vinyl. How did the recording go? Where did you do it?

It has been a great experience. We began writing these songs in a mountain's house where we spent time together immersed in the nature. We carried on the work in Milan, Turin and then Bruxelles with our producer Luke Mourinet. The studio time with him has been a real artistic dialogue, an on- going ideas’ swapping and empowerment. He has helped us a lot to underline and emphasise what our different compositions express, their colors and shades, the meaning inside and behind them.

Did you do more seperate session recording or did you try to have the band performing together?

Both, although we always try to be all together to write and record.

What have you got coming up after London?

We just signed with Emi music publishing, releasing a 7' debut vynil with Discipline records in the month of November and started to work with a great London based label, soon the name will be revealed.


Too Young To Love's debut EP will be released before the end of the year on Discipline Records. For more information, check out their myspace at

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