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I n t e r v i e w s

Introversion have made Uplink and Darwinia and now they're about to release DEFCON. Interview

We talk with N-Gage games producers Report and podcasts

Two members of the UK team to go to San Francisco World Cyber Games in 04 talk about gaming Interview

Mobile Games - IN-FUSIO have something like sixty-five games out. We talk to the company from Bordeaux, France. Interview

Mobile Games - We talk to Kuju Wireless's Kevin Holloway about mobile games and what his company is up to Interview

Interested in games dev for Nokia's N-Gage? We get the lowdown. Developing for N-Gage

From the days of small game dev teams - Elite was a space shooter/stategy game. We talk to co-developer Ian Bell about then and now. Interview

Small teams haven't entirely been lost from the world. Garage Games recently ran a conference for independent games developers and are games publishers. Interview

Linux Game Publishing recently announced an initiative for a wholly new game on the work now, get paid if it makes money principle. We talk about non-free, and other things. Interview

A while back (in 2000) we ran our first Games story which was how two composers of music for games at two different companies worked. Double Interview

Our (mostly) monthly commentary and reviews are here

A r t i c l e s

We go to Brighton, UK, for a games developer conference and check out the city as well. Report

Mobile World - M station goes along to MEM06 in London to see what's up with mobile gaming and other things Report

Solveig Singleton recently wrote a paper about public procurement policy as far as Linux goes. In it she looks at the case of Linux games.Article

H a r d w a r e

From the book PSP Hacks, we have a look at how to get wi-fi going and how to make a web portal. Wi-fi, Web Portal

PSP Hacks - we have a look around - Report

What makes a hot Games PC? Report

Nokia N-Gage QD - What is it good for? We take a look Review

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