What happens if you ask someone experienced with PC gaming to put together the hottest setup they can get parts for? Well, here goes ...

f a s t e k - u k
build team

Mike , Pete , Danny

the coolermaster watercooling system (coolermaster alc- uo1 ) which was not available to purchase at the time of this build was kindly provided by our good friends at (coolermaster) hiper uk , Farsh and Jascer

b u i l d
d e t a i l s
motherboard : gigabyte ga-8gpnxp duo
p4 skt 775
915p chipset
pci express
dual ddr
dual gigabit lan
high defenition audio
ide raid
sata raid
u-plus d.p.s
wireless lan

cpu : p4 3.2 gig skt 775

hardrive : seagate barracuda 80gig sata 8meg cache

memory : corsair xms extreme ddr2 2x 256meg matching pair
running in dual (512meg total)

graphics card : sapphire ati radeon x800xt pci express

graphic card specs

256 meg ddr3 operating at a frequency of 1ghz
16 pipelines

watercooling system : coolermaster alc-uo1 (internal or external)

case : coolermaster cms stacker case 11 bays (dual power supplies not supplied )

powersupplies : hyper true power 420 watt and 350 watt

additional cooling : coolermaster ultra silent 120ml blue
led fan , coolermaster crossflow fan , coolermaster
coolviva vga cooler , coolermaster motherboard chipset
cooler , coolermaster 80ml fan.

p h o t o s

getting the gear together





a d d i t i o n a l
n o t e s

we had to mod the watercooling cpu fitting as it was not designed for skt 775 , but probably neither is any other manufacturers as skt 775 is so new … but its working great . running doom 3 at high settings temp is between 40 and 42 degrees

after fitting the coolermaster vga cooler onto the x800xt the card would not fit into the pci express slot on the motherboard, it was blocked by the gigabyte chipset cooling fan (which was awful anyway, nice looking board spoiled by this white plastic cover on the fan don’t know what the gigabyte design team were thinking of ????) we removed it and replaced it with the coolermaster chipset fan … the graphics card then fit nice and snug, and the board looked cool again ………

Thanks to for setting this story up and very special thanks to, who did the work.

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