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Actually it's a survey: Members of the Linux Audio Users mailing list tell us about what thye use for music performance. Survey
One Laptop Per Child spun off Sugar Labs. We talk to Simon Schampijer about it. Interview
Antonio Gomes from Brazil decided to port Mozilla's Minimo to the Nokia 770 and 800. Interview
We have an audio chat with Ardour and JACK developer, Paul Davis Podcast
Pete Mortensen writes Wired's Cult of Mac blog. Here Nicholas Erber talks with him about all things Mac. Interview
Chris Cannam updates us about the Linux Sequencer, Rosegarden Interview Ryan Brooks talks about his background and super-computers in Louisiana.
Tobi from Ultramixer Interview
EEL David Olofson's scripting language
Flightgear OS Flight Sim, Curtis Olson
Parrot? Games, Python and Perl, SDL
Linux Pinball Benno Senoner talks
Audio Encoders tested Jussi Laako
OO, C, C++ Erik de Castro Lopo
Sweep author Conrad Parker - Linux Audio francais
Rosegarden Richard Bown - Linux Audio francais
LADSPA Steve Harris francais
Demudi Debian Multimedia - Marco Trevisani
ALSA Jaroslav Kysela - part 2,part 1
DAP Richard Kent
Snd Bill Schottstaedt
Ardour Paul Davis francais
Project history Pete Goodliffe, and Anthem
Broadcast 2000 the author speaks
RTLinux Victor Yodaiken
KDE soundsytem Stefan Westerfeld


We go to the Linux Audio Conference in Berlin Mar 07 Report
We visit the Symbian Smartphone Show Oct 06Report
Pyramix Native DAW for Windows
Ableton Live 5 a look
Just Say No to Microsoft Book Excerpt
Soundtrack Pro (Mac)a look
Sfront networking John Lazarro
Structured Audio an inro
MPEG-4 a survey by Bert Schiettecatte
Why Gnu? Richard Stallman
Software keyboards connections in ALSA
Low Latency comments by Roger Larsson
Low Latency dated - the original Linux Howto
OSS Dev Mazumdar in the early ALSA days

Tenuously related

Chaos Computer Club Congress dec 06 Report
The Listkeepers feature Politech, Linux Audio Dev, an RPG, sci-fi
Karen Marcello went from Xerox Parc to Burning Man Profile

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