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Sony's PSP has been out in the USA since late March and has just been launched in the UK and Europe. Aside of being a fairly nifty games console, the PSP can also be pursuaded to do quite a lot of other things. One benefit for Europeans with the launch delay is that an awful lot of work has been already done and the ordinary user has a lot of choice as to what they can do.

The first chapter of the hacks was the Wipeout Pure game web browser where someone discovered that, with a wifi connection, the whole web was available.

wipeout pure web browser

Sony have got onto this fairly smartly and citing possible piracy issues, have issued upgrades (1.52 on) that disallow various "homebrew" hacks but do provide their own upgrades, like providing a real web browser (Darn! There went the captive portal market). Rumours are that you will need upgrades to play future games.

They also, rather sneakily, have put firmware upgrades on the samples disc and so people who want to make a choice should save that disc until they've made an informed decision.

Undeterred, someone is talking about a firmware downgrader and at the same time various firmware 2.00 homebrew hacks are appearing.


firmware downgrader conversation

There's also an emulator to run on X86 which could make things even more interesting, especially as hackers can play with this without risk of turning their PSP's into bricks.

The brick problem is worth mentioning. So, be careful.

psp emulator for PC and XBox

Here is some of what is available in the way of homebrew stuff...


Dead Pixel Remover


Text Viewer
E-Book Reader


Universal Remote
Media Management for Macs
PC Video Format Converter


PSP FTP Server
Web Server
Bloglines RSS Reader
Virtual Network Computing
Cell Network Connectivity

Game Related

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InfoNES v0.94J Emulator
SNES9x Emulator

Have fun ... but be careful out there. Again. It's not entirely unknown that your unit becomes a brick if you muck things up.

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