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We have a nice thirty minute rambling phone chat with Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh where we learn about the history of Devo (including a really funny episode that involves Richard Branson, some spliffy, and Johnny Rotten) and what's going on right now with his art and also his music for film. You can catch all that on our podcast

It will be Mothersbaugh's first major exhibition in the UK, and the first time that both his Postcard Diaries and Beautiful Mutants work will have been shown in the same exhibition.

The exhibition launches on May 8th at the Norwich Arts Centre with a week of related film and music events. Barring any last-minute Hollywood hiccups, Mark will be flying to the UK for the launch night, and will appear for a Q&A session. There will also be a screening of a film, made especially for this exhibition, of Mark at work in Los Angeles both at home and at his legendary lime-green, space ship-shaped studio on Sunset Strip, Mutato Muzika. Discreet musical entertainment will be supplied on the night by UK electronic music pioneers Globo (Globo have Many NME single of the weeks to their name (3 in fact), they play for the first time since 96 and are releasing an album at some point in 06 via original label Hydrogen Dukebox Records..)

Prints of Mark's work will be available to purchase, along with very limited quantities of the six-CD set of Mothersbaug's keyboard improvisations (a track from disc 5 starts off our podcast), The Most Powerful Healing Muzik in the Entire World, and other merchandise.

Other events throughout the opening week are yet to be announced, but will include an exciting array Mothersbaugh-related music and film. The exhibition itself runs from May 8th - June 28th. The Caf Gallery is open Monday Saturday, 10am - 5pm and the bar is open during evening events.

Mark will probably also be at London's Encompass event as well.

Further information about Mark Mothersbaugh and his various artistic endeavours can be found at,, and

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