Miss Kittin

Miss Kittin has an album out and is about to go on tour. Born in France, she now lives in Berlin, and Mstation spoke with her while she was promoting her album in London.

"Actually I play everything that entertains me: minimal, deep, to kicking techno, mixed with funny or leftfield tunes, classics, electro, no matter what it is. That's why I hardly can describe my style. A 2h monotone set really bores me. If I don't have fun myself, I'm not able to please people."


Mstation: I think rave culture is very much alive in Germany. How about France?

Miss Kittin (Caroline Herve) There is some unfriendliness with the government there. There are multicultural festivals which have a big range of music at them. Personally, I'm very careful with accepting bookings there as I've had some bad experiences with ripoffs and the like.

The situation in Germany and Switzerland is quite different with friendly police and commercial people who see they can invest in big events successfully. I think the best techno event is I Love Techno in Belgium.

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People have been saying that dance music is dead. My take is that it just got rid of the beer monster corporate freeloaders who didn't bring anything to the party in the first place. What do you think?

Two days ago I had the same discussion in Zurich. I am living proof that it is doing OK. I've never had so many live bookings. If you are different when things seem boring to some people, it is good for you.

Was Kittenz in Felix da Housecat's Kittenz and thee Glitz a reference to you?

(Showing exasperation) - Felix phoned me. He has these ideas for huge projects. That name was meant to be for a band but he took the single and just released it.

Where did you go in Australia?

We went to all the big centres - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth. It was really cool to be so far away doing things for people when you started out making music in your bedroom.

Sydney was very bad though. The promoters had sold so many tickets that people were just jammed in so tight that they were pressed up against the walls and against our keyboards. It was very stressful and frustrating. I'd like to see the audience get their money back! The rest of the gigs were very good especially Melbourne.

What is your stage setup?

Last tour we had a backing track and two keyboards live, and me. This time it is me DJing. It is too hard to put a whole band together to do some of the things.

(talking about touring the USA) ... I played the first time in the USA in 96 and took the decision not to go back on tour unless the circumstance were right. Why fly eight hours to go to a party that is only a quarter as good as one at home? Thngs are right this time and I'll be there in July.

Do you get lost in the music when you're on stage or is it ...

Yes, I do.

Are you still conscious of what started you off when you were first putting things together?

It is the same now. I'm happy to be part of something ... happy to be into the moment and not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. It's a kind of meditation.

Thanks Caroline ... thanks for the tea.

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