Man Like Me is an electro-pop-hop duo who've made a lot of recent friends with their brand of energetic, and well-crafted tomfoolery. Recent gigs have included the Gauche Chic at Sketch night and opening Bleepfest 06.

You've billed yourself as "comicly menacing


Do you think a lot of musicians take themselves too


----probably but if their music's quality i couldn't

really care less. take prince for example, you could

say maybe he took himself too seriously but could any

one argue with the music he was making in the mid 80s?

Hmmm, I'm just wondering whether the Prodigy's


from a few years back could be classed as comicly

menacing. What do you


---yea i dont see why not. i find it hard to put

labels on things. the only reason i described my self

as comicly menacing is because that's what a review

said about my sound.

Did anything in particular attract you to going down

that road ...

as opposed to being angst-ridden or whatever?

--- well for one, i don't really feel that angst

ridden and for two a lot of the bands i grew up with

such as madness and the specials had a lot of that

attitude in their sound.

Who are your main musical influences .. people you


---i would have to say prince for style, performance,

songwriting, voice and sheer cool. and van morrisson

for writing astral weeks.

As far as the techniques for making and presenting a

song are concerned,

do you have any sort basic element set to you adhere


-- i usually come up with tunes in my head after a

few drinks which i then sing into my phone in a

drunken stupor. then in the following days i try to

relay these tunes onto my computor and go from there.

What sort of venues do you normally play?

---i have been playing pubs clubs and house parties

recently. i really couldn't care less though at the

moment, any old place will do. 

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