Dave Angel - Tech-Funk DJ - interview

Dave Angel is a well known tech-funk DJ who lives in the UK and plays all over. He's got a new disc available through and here we have a brief chat with him ...

Mstation: I notice you started out jamming with your Dad on people like Mingus and Parker. What do you know and think of the jazz scene now?

Dave Angel: I do not really know much about the Jazz scene now. But I still listen to the old greats when I have time, mainly Miles Davis.

A few years ago it was reported you were doing pretty well in all sorts of countries except your own. Has that situation changed (if it was true to start with)?

Yes It was true and it still hasn't changed much. It is a shame when you are more valued in another country than your own, but my mixes have sold pretty solidly all over the world so I must be doing something right...

Where are the biggest techno and tech-funk scenes at the moment?

Portugal and Holland are doing it in the Techno /Tech-Funk scene at the moment... I always enjoy playing over there...

In the different things you do, I guess it's like talking to different groups of people and having something different to say to each of them. Do you see those groups changing in the future?

Things always constantly change , nothing stays the same.

When you're assembling a bunch of tracks for something like DA 03, how do you go about it? Is it like a gig where you go through what's around and take what's right or is the process different?

I choose a bunch of tracks that I am into and then they go through the licensing process and the ones that are agreed to get to go into the mix. It's quite simple really..I play what I like. I let John Atkinson at TrusttheDj take care of the rest....he's the guy who tracks down the licenses...

Thanks Dave.

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