interview: Fujiya and Miyagi

Fujiya & Miyagi are David Best (vocals, guitar, non-prog rock Moog), Steve Lewis (keyboards, beats, programming), and Matt Hainsby ("Ampersand", bass guitar). And if you're wondering where the name came from ... 'Miyagi was taken from the Karate Kid and Fujiya was the name of a record player. Fujiya & Miyagi have a new album out now.

Mstation: Well, I have to say that windsurfing in Hove lagoon is best not done in March. Do you still live there?

F and M: d. i've never lived in hove lagoon

Do you think that there's something in the atmosphere of Brighton/Hove that's conducive to music making? ... other than second-hand spliffy smoke?

d. i don't condone drugs of any kind.

Your production is very smooth. What tools do you use to deliver the sound?

d. steve

s. We record vocals, bass & guitar at Church Road studios in Hove. We then take the recordings home, add some synths parts and arrange the tracks using Acid Pro. We finally pass it on to Alan, the guy who mixed the album, and he adds his magic dust...........

At the Tirk website there's talk of Kraut Pop. A lot of people might be a bit mystified about what that might be (Red Balloons!). Do you confirm or deny its influence, and what is it anyway? You can tackle "post rock" as well if you like.

d. i don't think we are like nina or opus. i think it's just because we've got some motorik type songs and some songs with singing. post rock conjures up images of geography teachers playing along to magma in their dirty pants. post rock doesn't sound much fun and I hope we are more exciting than that.

How would you describe the development from Electric Karaoke to what you're offering now?

d. on the first album it was more electronic and less song based. hopefully we've still got the electronic element but with better and more interesting songs. your taste in music changes a lot in 3 or 4 years so i think it is just a representation of what we are listening to now.

One of the people you've supported was Goldfrapp. What was that tour like?

d. we only did one show with them. i said hello to her and she ignored me.

What dates have you got coming up (may, june etc)?

Playing in London on 12th May.

Thanks a lot.

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