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Crazy Girl has a new single out on Tummy Touch and an album 'Southern Belle from Hell' is being worked on and is due in Feb 06. She is an animator as well and created an X-rated video to go with her single. Here we chat about the vid, music, and Southern Gothic.

Mstation: Your next single is a Betty Davis (second wife of the late jazzman Miles) cover and it's about sex and has an x-rated animated video to prove it. What's your message here ... just hang loose and have some fun?

Crazy Girl: i was asked by several producers over the past few years to sing some covers & most i wasn't too familiar with or didn't really feel... then one day i just said "hey, how about i do a cover of a track i really dig" and Betty Davis' "If I'm in Luck I might get picked up" was one I always loved to sing & yes the theme has been applied to my life at times... As far as the video, I wanted to push sexual taboos & boundaries by using bright, humourous, colourful animations...

You're working on an album right now. What sort of general themes are you going to explore on it?

the album has a vintage rock theme to it...1970's rock meets 60's surf... but there are elements of blues and hip hop as well - all genres which have influenced me heavily...

What kinds of music do you like most?

hmm... hard to say... i have a pretty varied palate....but late 60's to early 70's is probably my favourite era... fave albums on rotation _ Bo Diddleys' First album, Captain Beefheart - Safe as Milk, Isley Brothers - In the Beginning, Dave Pike Set - Infra Red, The Fall - Grotesque, Biz Markie - Goin Off, & Mains Ignition - Turn On.

Do they impact on how you want to present your own thing?

Most definately! I am influenced by older music

What's your band lineup?

Me on vox, Pete Zivkovic on Keys, Sam Hare on Guitar, Costa Tancredi on Bass & Chris Tweedie on Drums.

Are you the big boss or do you all work things out together?

I am the captain of the ship. But we do collaborations too...

You've been around some -- Georgia, LA, NYC, CA, and now London. What do you think London gives that other places don't?

An appreciation of eccentricity. London & the UK love their eccentrics. America as a whole does not. It likes things to be the same. New Orleans was the only place in the States that encouraged & celebrated eccentricity, sadly her era will most likely be lost...But I hope and pray not.

I was just thinking that while a lot of people seem to be from nowhere, people from the South are from the South! What do you think?

Well there is a saying "American by birth, but Southern by the grace of God" ... I have a whiskey shot glass with a rebel flag that says that. Not a quote I tend to repeat too much. I am not particularly proud of the South at the mo, but that being said it is renowned for great music...

Someone was talking about Truman Capote the other day and saying that all the great stuff out of the South has a sort of gothic quality to it. Do you buy that? Are you gothic??

The term "Southern Gothic" is a sub genre of "Gothic" writing style, unique to American literature. In the plot you usually find the central character to be some what freakish/ grotesque/ disturbing and deeply flawed. No connection to "Goth" or the "Goth Scene". Do I consider my self a "Sourthen Gothic" character, yes. I had a strange & colourful upbringing between Georgia & Lousiana, surrounded by loads of intense/ eccentric figures in antebellum homes...

Thanks, and good luck with the album.

single out on Tummy Touch Oct 3 2005
album "Southern Belle from Hell" due Feb 06

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