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Small is Copenhagen-based Andreas Asingh plus three other musicians for touring. Last year they released a CD called Teenage Cover in Denmark and this has now been released in the USA and Canada. Listen for untroubled pop with high voices and some sparkling fuzz - just the thing for summer.
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How did you get started making music?

I started writing music on a bunch of analog keybaords. Combined with hours of distortion guitar and falsetto singing the sound of SMALL took shape.

Do you think living in Denmark added any special something to what you're doing?

No not specific. I mean there is a lot of great bands in Denmark right now, but I have allways been listening to music from outside Denmark and I think I would have wrote the same stuff if I were living on the other side.

When you were starting out what sort of places did you play in Copenhagen?

Before Teenage Cover were released SMALL played at tiny veues around Copenhagen. Now SMALL plays the bigger venues in Copenhagen both as main and support act.

Have you always appeared on stage as a foursome, or did you play by yourself on occasion or with less people?

We are normaly four on stage. Now I'm working out a new live setup for the US/Canada shows and its gonna be blowing, I cant tell you more.

In August last year you released Sunshine Lover and on July 7 it'll be out in the USA and Canada. Are you going over to do anything special?

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I'm planning a video shoot for Sunshine Lover together with director Casper Balslev who have directed videos for The Presets, Ladyhawke and others. There is both a US and a Canada tour coming up and some artists around Tremendous and Last Gang Records are doing remixes of Sunshine Lover to be release during the summer.

I was just listening to Sunshine Lover while looking at a picture of my favourite cutie sitting on a nice beach ... they went together really well! ... a feeling of a sort of untroubled worldly kind of innocence. Do you think Small has a statement to make generally?

I want to make music that combine power and beauty in a new way. Thats a statement you can say.

Lately also you've played support for the likes of Keane and Digitalism. What was that like?

It was a great pleasure to support both of them. The Keane show were at Valby Hallen, one of the biggest venues in Copenhagen and the crowd were amazing. The Digitalism show were at Rust, a nice club in the heart of Copenhagen. The club were packed and the vibes were so great.

Are you at work on a new album yet? What's coming up generally?

Right now its all about the US/Canada release and I'm really excited

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