interview: Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien is a Berlin DJ and has recently launched a clothing line. We have a short chat...

I was thinking about female DJ's and artists and wondering why it should make any difference at all what sex the artist is... and yet DJing is still a predominantly male art. Why do you think that is?

I think that a lot of women don't want to follow the life style of the nightlife - stay up late, hang out at record stores ... Most female DJs I know are producers as well and total music lovers. They love to dance. A lot of female producers use their voice. The voice becomes the main information "data base" of the track. Maybe there are more male DJs because men realised pretty quickly, that they can get women that way much easier ...?! He, he, he .... But actually, there are quite a lot female DJs and artists. Without women the music business and the art wouldn't exist the way it does. I think the trend and the direction we are heading to is the mixture of male and female energies - men are allowed to show their feminine, softer side and women can do what they want to do without restrictions.

How did you come to be doing what you are?

I am always trying to see things in a positive way and do things playfully. I like to play. Music and art makes me happy and therefore I am just doing it.

You're from Berlin which a lot of people think of as the center for electronic music of various types. Do you think that was a random thing where people just coalesced and the scene grew or do you think there are specific reasons why it was Berlin where it happened?

After the wall came down Germany really changed a lot. And this was good for the art. People got more freedom, could express their emotions, could finally follow their dreams.

I guess there are electro tribes in Berlin. What are the main ones?

minimal , techno, electro

What are you working on now?

thom york rmx and my summer ellen allien collection

One of the interests with electronic music is where the future lies. What do you see?

I see light and light and peace

Thanks a lot

Photographer: Ragnar Schmuck, Artwork: Christian Feldhusen

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