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At Koobla records in Berwick St in Soho, London, we talked to Jeff to check on at least a little part of what's going on right now in the vinyl world. Mstation: What's happening?

Boardie: One thing is Click House or Micro House. What's that?

It's very precise. A lot of time is spent on getting each sound exactly right. There's a lot of art in it.

And we hear some. It could be called Art House (ahem). Very nice craft there but not really for dancing.

Where does it mostly come from?


Is electro clash dead?

I hope so! It's fashion music for fashion people. Kids graduate to it from Marilyn Manson and then go on to electronica.

Mstation has to admit it has a bit of a soft spot for some of it - the Felix da Housecat sort.

How would you define Electronica?

More white..comes out of Industrial and is more about sounds than emotions.

In dance what's big?

Breaks. Cheesy House and House itself is still going strong.

What about other new stuff?

There's stuff coming out of Apple in Croydon - disco for burglars and criminals - very dark. Very harsh. Amazing (good).

What's happening in the USA?

There's good deep house for one thing.

the centers?

Austin. Chicago. Detroit. San Francisco. LA

thanks Jeff.

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