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The Autons uk Curfew uk/de Chicano Live! Dr Moreau fr Eidkik uk Fe_bac uk Kid Functional uk Ohre One fr Ousedite es Pablo and Poppy Perez mx/uk Perrine a l'envers fr Psychetronica uk rEfOntE fr RobotBathing usa/uk/de Gordon Shumway fr Yro Yto fr Zweizz no VJ's - Ventoline (Gaelle, fr), Snorrel Vision (Rodrigo Diaz, es) Yesca, uk .. more to come... provisional running times are here

Nov 8 and 9 2008
La Generale en Manufacture - 6 Grande Rue - 92310 Sevres
Metro : Ligne 9 - Station : Pont de Sevres
Tramway : Ligne T2 - Arret : Musee de Sevres
Noctambus : N61 (Hotel de Ville de Velizy-Villacoublay - Gare Montparnasse)

nov 12 - uh huh, alright! Thanks to everyone that played and helped out including Yro Yto, Perrine, Bryn, and Andrew.
oct 22 - Reshuffle for Sunday times.
oct 12 - Some minor changes but we're full and ready to go!
jul 10 - Very full now! Apply for reserve spots.
jul 08 - Pretty much full now.
jul 03 - First artist list up.
jun 29 - Poster artwork by Bryn//
jun 29 - Yes, another fabo Bleepfest, this time in Paris. We are substantially booked up already as far as artists go but are looking for more French artists. If you think you might like to play, use the Mstation contact page

Bleepfest Paris 08 computer and electronic music all genres indy electroshowcase create, play, dance

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