Singing in the Echo Chamber:
Music Censorship in the U.S. after September 11

by Eric Nuzum

This article appears on Mstation courtesy of the author and, a website dedicated to issues related to the censorship of music around the world. While some might say that this is a trivial by-product of wider abuse of human rights, this sort of thing is quite frequently a not so subtle precurser of even worse things. And, of course, it's not the least bit trivial for those affected.

Also, looking at this area highlights some of the dangers to personal freedom posed by concentrated ownership of media. While it might not be government policy to have any form of censorship, it is all to easy for giant corporate media groups to either suck up to government by performing certain actions or to actually do the bidding of secretive backroom handlers. A diverse and spread media ownership is far less easily conscripted.

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