travel: Treegap Retreat, NY State, USA

Yes, there are B&B's in the USA. This one is in New York State in a town made famous by a long ago music festival ... Woodstock!

But this is here and now and the aim of this place is to not only be a pretty and peaceful place to be but to also be as environmentally kind as possible. We asked the owner, Megan, to say a few words about what she's trying to do and what she has.

'Almost two years ago, I decided to move to my family house in Woodstock, New York, and open an eco-friendly B&B. While I had always hoped to create a sustainable farm/center/'something' here, the timing was dictated by the convenient collapse of my life-until-then (isn't that the way it always goes?) and the exact nature of the project (the B&B), by the market demands of a small tourist town. I'm a homesteader at heart, but I'm also in love with this house and this property, both large and expensive and in the middle of a high tax area. So self sufficiency, while a continuing aspiration, needed to be paired with a venture that would not result in foreclosure. I also wanted to share the magic of this place with others, and so the Retreat at TreeGap was born.

Here at the Retreat at TreeGap we hope to share our pursuit of holistic living with our guests while providing a beautiful, comfortable space. While our project is in its early phase, we've begun by installing solar panels, which take care of a good portion of our electricity needs, and growing our own food. Future dreams include composting toilets and a gray water system for the house. Laying hens will join the family next spring, and hopefully goats soon after.

We have one large suite, with a separate entrance and private porch overlooking 5 acres of meadow. Next year, we also hope to offer a 1969 Airstream trailer that has been renovated to include a composting toilet and gray water system, which will recycle water to use in the garden. This accommodation will be more affordable, making our project accessible to everyone.

We are open year round. The suite is $225/night May 1-December, and $185/night January 1 - April 31. More news about future projects can be found on our website,'