art: apple chair chair from adelta for Mac obsessives and fruit lovers...

Well, it's a chair, but chairs can be art too. The Chair Godess told us so. She also told us that minimalist, hard slabs are officially not chairs at all.

This chair's design preceeds the Apple computer, apparently, but we don't have very much information about it at all. It was supposedly designed in 1960 by Adelta but not manufactured until 1996 and is number thirty-two out of sixty.

Adelta is a company not a person, and these days they feature various designers as most quality companies always have.

The number and the date of manufacture suggests that although the design might have preceeded Apple Computer, it's popularity didn't and it could well be that there is a tie-up between the Apple resurgence and the existence of this chair. A white leather interior might have been more startling.

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This example is available at Paul Smith's furniture shop at 9 Albemarle St, Mayfair, in London England for UK 4850.

redux: Informed sources tell us that this chair was purchased by Apple Computer during Nov. 2005.

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