Art: Buildings of Tomorrow

by Paul Cattermole published by Thames and Hudson

Mstation: Picking favourites out of the selection of buildings you have in Buildings of Tomorrow would be quite difficult I think. We've picked the Kunsthaus Graz mainly for its otherworldly look and the fact that many people might not have seen it before. But if you were asked to pick a favourite when considerations of sustainability were foremost, which would you put forward?

Paul Cattermole: There are quite a few projects that have sustainable credentials - but with radically different approaches.

... something residential to balance against the public/commerical then the Tsui House, with its roof of water filled pipes acting as a solar storage heater would be a good option. Wacky, but very low tech - could conceivably be constructed by any self-builder.

Similarly, the High Desert House cleverly uses the thermal mass of its concrete leaves to store heat and keep the interior cool in the hot desert sun. Even more wacky exterior.

On the High-Tech side Swiss RE is arguably the most sustainbale hig-rise building in the world today, the whole building being designed around the spiralling convection patterns that give it its fine exterior form. Any one of these would be a good choice, both sustainably and visually.

Terry Farrell and Partners - Richard Bryant - The Deep Hull, on the River Humber- visitor attraction and study centre for marine life

Future Systems - Nicholas Kane - Selfridges, Birmingham (2003)- Exterior at dusk

RMJM Architects / Ove Arup / Butterley - The Falkirk Wheel, Rough Castle, near Falkirk, Scotland

Agustin Hernandez - Richard Bryant - Hernandez House, Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City. Overall exterior

Future Systems - Nicholas Kane - Natwest Media Stand, Lords Cricket Ground, London. Exterior at dusk

Michael Wilford & Partners - Richard - Lowry Arts Centre, Salford Quays, near Manchester. Night Exterior

Foster & Partners - Richard Bryant - Expo MRT Station, Singapore. Exterior at night with circular canopy

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