art: Dawid Gajewski

Dawid M. Gajewski

Born : 12 February 1979, Kalisz (Poland)
Lives in Douai, France

'These works show women through the eyes of society. Mostly, women are still seen as ornaments, hence the decorative details on their bodies and faces. Furthermore, women have to comply with a given model.

'Trapped by the image of a perfect body, as shown in media, with obviously, the use of Photoshop, women (and more and more, men too) are the victims, sometimes acquiescent, of an artificial, and superficial, image.

'I use Photoshop in order to denounce the excesses that are made with Photoshop and, in general, with picture retouching technologies, and the way magazines, and other media, influence our representations of ourselves and all the risks that follow.

'I try to have an anthropological point of view and to show the human body in different ways through all the stages of life; the irony of womanhood and masculinity, of the social construction of these notions, of all the money and time that people spend on their bodies, of all the attitudes that are associated to the male and female genders, and the irony, eventually, of the loss of all these tiny, or big, differences that make all of us unique.

'With these works, that are part of a more ambitious project, I want to show that behind perfection, and the rush for perfection, there is something fake and sick, but cleverly hidden.

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