Some Free Stuff for Christmas

Computer Games Windows XP Games
There is a very good range which includes many different genres on this page. There are even Star Wars and GTA titles listed here in addition to some really old-skool titles.
Here's some for Mac OS X but not as interesting.
And here's some 2008 choices for Linux, and there's more interest here than you might expect.

Books (electronic)
There are a few places around but we like which has a huge catalogue which includes many old classics. Download a text and read it on your computer, Internet tablet, or whatever.
And for some reason Gutenberg Australia has some differences, possibly due to different copyright laws there.

If you're using Windows or OS X, make your computer into a dual boot machine and spend a week or years discovering the world of Open Source software.

and have a browse through this ...
Mmmmm, yes, years ...

Making Things and Hacking things
... can be pretty expensive or completely free (if it's software or you have a toolroom full of things that could be useful 'some day')...

Music and Movies
Hmmm, well, yes, there are lots of morally unappealing things on offer but in the music line there are lots of labels (Sub Pop for one) who have a variety of free downloads. Lots of bands have free stuff as well. Here at Mstation there are a number of free tracks available in our podcast section. For just a listen, browsing somewhere like will turn up a wealth of things you've never heard before - just start with a genre you like and follow your ears.

Bigger department stores in bigger cities - usually the tonier ones - have small sample bottles of perfume given to them by the perfume companies. Ask at the appropriate counter and look like you could buy a big bottle ... later.

More There are all kinds of websites that offer 'free' stuff and some offers have catches ... latest on Google

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