Boss Micro BR Recorder

There are quite a few portable recording devices out there right now at a wide range of prices. This unit is amongst the cheaper of them and has quite a rich feature set as well.

It's quite nifty to look at with a silver facia and buttons and an LCD screen that becomes apparent when you switch it on. It has quite a solid metallic look to it but it's plastic and light as a feather - don't even think the word "impact".

The styling and build is almost the opposite of what "pro" might imply - heavy build, big gnarly buttons in contrasting colours etc. All of that costs of course and BR is aimed at a different market anyway which is more the practising musician. It does lend itself to other uses though, such as podcasting.

The inputs are 1/4" jack line input and a stereo mini-jack for mic, as well as USB, which can be used to shift files in either direction. Inputs can be recorded to one of four tracks as wav or mp3. For each of the four tracks there are four virtual tracks where takes can be stored.

There are built-in effects as well as rythm tracks. After the tracks have been recorded, they can be mixed down on the Micro BR although we're not sure we'd want to do that. Files are then easily transferred to a host computer.

Storage is on a standard SD card so no silly prices to pay there either. All in all, it's quite a tidy little unit.

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