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This is a collection of vetted links to do with pro audio
and musician oriented news. We'll try to add to it as time goes
by and *ahem* order it. Random order seems as good as any right now.
If you operate or know of a site that should be added to this list
please let us know.
news and articles - studio oriented
recording and music gear reviews along with articles
relating to production
this is mixonline really.
seems to be more industry oriented than music oriented
sonic foundry's site has a not bad coverage of news about
software, samples etc
studio, software and equipment news
general studio related news
equipment reviews and articles
which is Electronic Musician mag
articles and reviews
sometimes interesting items like one today on calculating the limits
of fiber
sound on sound. Excellent UK mag
harmony central. Rumoured to have died a little while back it clearly
(and thankfully) hasn't. Good coverage of what's new in equipment
and software.
EQ magazine's site has loads of articles and reviews.
Studio Sound is a UK magazine dealing with pro audio  and has
excellent articles and reviews.
Future Music mag's site returned an asp error today...
quite good daily news
Monthly updated pages which cover the Linux audio software situation.
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