Art: Plants (and pots)

For ages we've planning to do an article on geek plants. This isn't it but it is a relation in that the idea here is that the plants be very low maintenance but be interesting and unusual to look at at the same time - beautiful even ...

This is Sanservia "cylindrica", a plant with that architectural look that with the right container, can suddenly turn a blank spot into a statement. It needs watering every two weeks.

Tilandsia has a delicate swirling foliage and is quite small. This example is about six inches high. It requires spraying rather than watering every three weeks.

These are two examples of phaleanopsis, which is a fairly durable kind of orchid. This example needs watering every ten days or so.

Rhipsalis needs water every two weeks and likes defused light. The delicate greenery contrasts with hard-edged container.

And last of all, if all else fails, then suitable dead stuff in the right container can look spectacularly beautiful as well.

Thanks to Buke in Schliemannstrasse 14 close to Helmholtz Platz in Berlin.

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