art: playground: Berlin, Germany

You might have seen some of the dismal looking playgrounds in countries where irresonsible parents combined with ambulance-chasing lawyers have dumbed the things down to almost bare earth (or a springy asphalt-like substance). In this example from Berlin in Germany, funkiness reigns supreme: towers, walkways, huts, a dragon-like metal thing, a climbing wall. These are fashioned by volunteers from what can be found and donations. What a rich world! There's even mud when it rains.
An "educator" is always on the premises and parents are encouraged to stay in the "parents-corner" and not to interfere. Kids between 6 and 16 can come and go as they please and there is no charge. After looking at the photos, you might say "Ha, it's so great, there's no-one there!". Actually, even though it was a fairly dismal schooltime January week day, there were quite a few - We were asked not to photograph them.
This playground, called Kolle 37, is in Kollwitcz strasse in Prenzlauer Berg.

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