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'On Tomorrow Right Now, Beans (former member of Antipop
Consortium, the influential avant-hip hop trio who disbanded in 2001).
Unloads an arsenal of songs that stay in the brain and lock you into
humming til the day runs out. With lyrical virtuosity, vanguard production
that straight-up bangs, Beans harkens back to the glory days when all it
seemed to take was real talent, real passion and the desire to actually be
real, make a fresh noise and simply shine.'

I'd like to see Beans do something with Vernon Reid. Not that there's anything
particularly wrong with this issue. It's a stripped-down, new century kind of
hip-hop and packs a lot of cool.

Vernon Reid was a Living Color guy (are they still with us?) and a master of
playing guitar "out of the boxes" and very clever musically - yes, I know the 
two things are related. Anyway, Vernon would add some noise.
(Dr Boots)


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