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Dussek and the Harp
Meridian distributed by Priory.

'They seek him here They seek him there Those Frenchies seek him Everywhere'

It is the time of the Scarlet Pimpernell! Ladislav Dussek and his playing companion, Anne-Marie Krumpholz flee Paris at the time of the revolution and set up in London where they become a celebrated duo with Krumpholz playing the harp...

It is wonderful to have groups playing and people recording this sort of music which, even in a major metropolis, you'd have some trouble getting a chance to hear live. These pieces mix delicasy and the lovely timbre of the harp with some strongly thematic pieces. The playing is extremely competent and the recording very good. The only criticism I have is that the room reverb sounds rather empty - as if one's fellow listeners haven't arrived yet.

This CD has five pieces: Op. 11; a duet for harp and pianoforte. Op. 34, No. 1; a sonata Op. 37; a sonata Op. 34; a sonata Op. 38; a duo for harp and piano with accompaniment for horn and libitum.

The players are Danielle Perrett, Single-action harp; James Ellis, Violin; Helen Verney, Violoncello; Warwick Cole, Pianoforte and Gillian Jones, Handhorn.
(Count K)

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