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The Two Piano Quintets
The Schubert Ensemble of London
ASV Records

These two Piano Quintets (1839, 1840) were significant in establishing Louise Farrenc's (1804-1875) reputation as a leading composer in nineteenth Century France. The music is elegant, with Romantically inflected harmonic ideas within a more Classical formal structure. Both are beautifully crafted and the result is an exceedingly tasteful and attractive duo of works. The composition of the pieces isn't perfect though - some sections seem a little unadventurous and lack imagination. The performance from this highly regarded Ensemble is assured: always balancing and shaping each idea and playing vibrant sections with a wonderful sense of vitality, and the contrasting slower, more graceful sections with a sensuous tone. The scoring, for piano, violin, viola, cello, and double bass, in both Quintet offers much scope for versatililty and textural broadness using the piano often as a decorative harmonic accompaniment.
(Spencer James)

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