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For many years Hayden was regarded as a rather wooden elderly cousin of Mozart. Now it is not so and this is partly the work of American H.C. Robbins Landon. Those interested in the history of music who haven't read any of his works should look for them. One is a life of Hayden which tells in some detail what happened as he spent most of his adult life working for the Esterhazy family essentially as a servant.

The works on this CD are nos 1, 2 and 3 from Op. 64. This is regarded by Robbins Landon as second only to Op. 20 for 'unity of purpose, perfection of execution and profundity of spirit...'

The performance is by The Lindsays who formed at the Royal Academy of Music and now perform in Europe and America as well as their home of Sheffield. The instruments used are a Stradivarius from the Golden Period, a Mori Costa viola, a Campo Selice Stradivarius and a Ruggieri cello.

It's a very lovely performance. (Jurgen Snurgen)

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