Hardware: Suzuki Intruder

If you like your bikes big with lots of bright chrome and nasty big boots that all say 'watch me go, but with a rumble rather than the nervous scream of all those uncomfortable racer clones' then this could be the bike for you. The obvious choice to go with the never-played Les Paul Custom beloved of many a successful attorney who never quite had time to raise any hell, would naturally be a Harley but here we look at something with a bit more of a silk lining.

The Intruder series comprises the C1800R, M1800R2, and M1800R. The second two have a few more horsies (8 more Kw) and 5 more Nm's of torque. They also weigh 38 and 36 Kg less which makes them faster in corners and in acceleration. They are all good for over 200 km/h or 125mph - not so impressive perhaps but they will do better than that and they are meant to be comfy cruisers after all.

The engine is a 1783cc DOHC Vtwin with something called the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve which, we presume, helps keep those emissions down.Peak power is had at about 6000 rpm. The gearbox is a 5 speed and the tank holds 19 litres on the C1800R and another 1/2 a litre on the other two. Yes, that is a big engine - almost 2 litres and it also has the biggest rear tyre of any production bike.

And what with the swoopy retro lines and big comfy seats, they sure do look the part without announcing that you're a born-again, aspirant Hell's Angel or Bandido. A GT bike for sure.

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