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You've had a very busy summer with the kickstART festival, and "penny" will shortly be released on "Presence III"... what other projects are you working on in the near future?

As well as playing at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival i recorded
during the weekend for my third VFMF Soundscape which i hope to work on
over the winter. At present i am going through the radio archives of a
local radio station to prepare for a piece called Co-op Radio: Changing
Times. Those archives include musicians that i recall from Vancouver
that date back to 1970's in clubs that no longer exist. The boxes also
include sessions from the 1980's with Hildegard and Barry conversing
about Electroacoustic and Soundscapes. i also recorded a homeless person
singing his original songs against the backdrop of the street below the
Railway Club i recall Gavin Bryars regret that he
could never thank the elder who sang Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet, so
i asked the young man if i might record him and with permission and
thanks i have a beautiful recording that i will weave into Changing
Times. Coincidentally Hildegard is one of the founding members of Co-op
Radio and i recall hearing that she hung the microphone out the window
to record the ambience of the street. I hope to include these and my own
field recordings to give a sense of the locale of Co-op Radio in the
city of Vancouver. i wonder if i measured the ambient noise level, would
there would be a difference between then and now? The archive is rich
with a diversity of voices and themes both spoken and musical. i hope to
create a piece where all the voices are included so i've set myself
quite a task. And last but not least i'm itching to record a folk album
with environmental recordings sometime before i return to complete a
Masters at SFU. Other than that i can be found reading and writing upon
Railway Lines or traveling 0-5 miles per hour by the Sea ...

Thank you very much, sylvi, we look forward to hearing more of your work on Presence III. Mstation would like to wish you all the very best with your music and your future work.

... and now, how about that cup of tea!

sylvi macCormac's electroacoustic works may be heard on Presence II and III.
'phoenix', an album of her folk songs, is available on 'see through publishing', STPCD2002.

Visit sylvi's website at

sylvi and Miriam exchanged soundscapes from their local environments to create the applets below, which you can use to create your own soundscape composition. The applets require the Flash 5 plugin, and will take a moment to load, please be patient.

Miriam - enjoying a cup of tea with friends...
Miriam's cat Boogie.


©2001 miriam rainsford / sylvi macCormac.

excerpts from 'penny: a process' and 'does this Sound like me?'
© sylvi macCormac / see through publishing.

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